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Word-of-Mouth at Scale

The numbers don’t lie – brands that invest in social media influencers see an ROI between 5:1 and 18:1. 


Marketers today are spending a significant amount of their budgets investing in influencers. The ROI far exceeds other channels, and influencer campaigns present brands in the most authentic and humanized way. It is marketing with “realness”. 


When you leverage the powerful voice of influencers, it is like generating 5-star reviews at scale, as if friends of your customers are speaking highly of your brand in everyday conversations.

Why are Influencers Important to Brands?

82% of consumers read local business reviews before making a purchase. And similar to how positive reviews are so essential for business growth, influencer campaigns can have that same impact on a much broader scale. The brand messaging is delivered in a way that resonates most with viewers, coming from authority figures who have cultivated strong, loyal followings. 


Working with influencers can help you generate brand awareness on a massive scale, but it can also directly lead to sales and revenue uplift. These prominent social media figures have such dedicated and engaged audiences that they often have the ability to affect purchasing decisionsHaving their voice on your side can help reach a new stream of customers to drive business growth.  

What are the Challenges?

The biggest challenge for brands is choosing the right influencers. The influencer needs to have the right qualifications. They need to have the right amount of followers suitable to the available budget. Their audience needs to match the type of demographic the brand is trying to reach, and needs to be a good fit for whatever the brand wants to promote. The influencer should have a full understanding of the brand voice and personality, so it matches well with the story they’re trying to create and deliver to their audience. 


Most importantly, for the brand to get the best results possible, the influencer needs to know the ins and outs of the product or service they’re promoting, and needs to be able to speak to it with passion and sincerity.  

What Can Cybba Do For You?

Cybba leverages its extensive network of highly reputable micro and macro influencers to identify those who best represent your brand. We build the relationships, manage the onboarding, and use paid social tactics to ensure the influencer endorsements reach an even greater audience.  


Whether you’re looking for greater brand recognition or to generate more sales and conversions, we tailor each campaign to meet your specific needs, and select influencers who are the best match for the image, tone, and personality of your brand.


Our dedicated account management team continuously works to analyze and optimize each campaign to get the best results possible. 



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