Ticketing Talk: How Geffen Playhouse Achieved a 9:1 ROI with Cybba

Digital marketing teams for performance venues are expected to do it all: run creative campaigns, maintain an interesting online presence, and, most importantly, sell tickets. 

We understand that filling the seats of a theatre often requires as much careful choreography as the performance itself. AudienceView introduced Cybba to Geffen Playhouse to address this challenge and help them reach their ticketing goals.

Watch this webinar replay to uncover how Geffen Playhouse achieved a 9:1 ROI on digital spend and reveal the key digital advertising and marketing strategies that lead to increased ticket sales. 

You’ll learn how we:

  • Drive qualified patrons to ticketing sites
  • Re-engage abandoning patrons to complete their ticket purchase
  • Retarget current patrons to remain top of mind