OTT: Launching Your Brand Over the Top

March, 25th, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT  

Every day, more households are canceling cable subscriptions in favor of video streaming services. In fact, the number of households without traditional cable, also known as cord-cutters, is converging upon the number of households with cable. By 2021, one in five households will be cord-cutters.

This doesn’t mean that video advertising is dead.  It just means that there is a new channel (no pun intended) on which to serve them: OTT.

What is OTT exactly?

Simply put, OTT, or over-the-top, refers to the video content delivered through an internet connection and not via a cable or satellite subscription. On demand movies are OTT. YouTube videos on your laptop are OTT. TV shows on your iPhone is OTT! And you can definitely serve ads there.

Understanding OTT should be a priority for all digital marketing teams. Join our OTT experts for a conversation about:

  • The relationship between OTT and CTV
  • Changes in consumer video viewing behaviors
  • The advantages of advertising on OTT